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People are generally more inclined to write a review under extreme circumstances promptly following a bad experience. That causes an extreme unbalance in the overall rating. This comes as a significant disadvantage to small businesses who rely on advertisements and word of mouth. There is more energy put into retaliation of a bad experience than there is for the appreciation and praise of a good experience. Writing a review after your service helps counter the unbalance in the overall rating of our store. It also helps build the morale for our team which ultimately benefits the customer. If you see yourself rockin with us for the long run, how about dropping us a review so we can keep it going! We'll appreciate it more than you know.

Yelp Is Not On Our Side.

If you visit our Yelp! page, you'll immediately notice 3 things:

1, Average Rating

1. Number of Stars

3. Number of Reviews

You may notice UNDISPUTED BARBERS has (63) reviews

Note: That does not mean Undisputed Barbers has only services (63) people

- That means only (63) reviews have made it to the front page

If you scroll ALL THE WAY down to the bottom of the page, you'll notice a link that says "More Reviews" in grey letters that in which if you open, it displays multiple reviews from real customers hidden from the front page.

Let’s Work Together

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