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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to keep up with common questions asked by our regulars. This may be helpful with questions of your own.

Q. Is this an appointment only-based barbershop?
Answer: Appointments are the primary way of getting into our chair. It helps our barbers predict their schedules, and makes barbershop visits for clients quick and punctual. Walk-ins are welcome, but only on a first come, first serve basis, and are not priority within 10 minutes of an existing appointment. 

Q. Do I need an account to make an appointment?
Answer: No. You only need an account to CANCEL an appointment. Use your membership account to gain full access to you bookings.

Q. Do you guys take Debit/Venmo/Cash-App/EBT/Zelle/Food Stamps?
Answer. No. This is a cash only. Business. We do not accept any type of electronic payments for our services.

Q. Is there a charge or deposit required for an appointment?
No. We don't believe in charging for a service that makes our lives convenient. As long as we keep the communication between clients who want to cancel their appointment. No call-no shows are detrimental.
-There is also no charge to cancel or change an appointment. Just be sure it's communicated in advance. If we get too many clients "ghosting" barbers, we will have to start requiring a deposit. 

 Q. How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?
Answer: The best way to cancel an appointment is by logging into your membership page. This is where you'll have full access to your bookings for a quicker and easier flow when browsing. 
-Another way to cancel is to send an email or just call us by using the blue quick-guide tab.
- The barbershop's phone number is (619) 930-0414

-We do not reply to text messages. 

Q. Are you guys busy today?
Answer: This is such an indistinct question, there's no direct way to answer it with a simple yes or no. The typical wait time for a customer without an appointment is 30-45 minutes. With an appointment, you shouldn't have to wait more than 10 minutes.

Q. Can I call to make an appointment?
Answer: No. (At least not yet). We accept all of our bookings directly through our website. We can not save your spot over the phone. Our appointment logs have to be kept organized on one platform.

Q. Can I hold a spot by signing in?
Answer: Yes, as long as you are present when your name is called. This is the only way we can allow your spot in line to be held without booking. No, we can't sign your name in over the phone.

Q. If I booked for 3pm and I arrived at 3:18, can I still get in the chair as priority?
Answer: No. We only have a 10 minute grace period. As of 3:10, you no longer have an appointment. You may still be served as a walk-in customer. Just sign in with your name at our desk, and our first available barber will be with you. 

Q. If I know I'm only going to be late for an appointment, do I still have to call?
Answer: Yes, you should always keep your barber in the loop. The sooner your barber can move onto their next client, the more time is allowed to service you when it's your turn.  

Q. My appointment duration is for an hour. Do I get to manage that hour?
Answer: Not exactly. Your barber has an hour. You have a 10-minute grace period. As we have a business to run, we cannot afford to disrupt our workflow. Tardiness is not good for our name, or for business.

Q. Can you squeeze me and my son in?
Answer: Our barbers are only able to accept 10 appointments per day. We may be able to fit one person in between a given client but if you come with extra heads, PLEASE DONT WAIT LAST MINUTE! This ruins relationships between barbers and clients.

Q. What's the busiest day?
Answer: Sundays, our Active Duty War Heroes get their mandatory weekly haircuts. We have to balance them out with our regular civilian clientele. Plus its a shorter, more compact day. If you need to book, we'd advise another day.

Q. Slowest day?
Answer: Currently, we can see that people hate Thursdays.

Q. What's the best time to walk in without an appointment?
Answer: We typically finish an average haircut by the half-hour mark. 9:30, 10:30, etc. If the time allows it, the barber may be available to squeeze a walk-in between his next appointment. Word of advice, be an early bird.
Q. How close in advance can I book an appointment?
Answer: Our bookings are taken on the hour, with a minimum of 45 minutes prior to your set time. This allows your barber time to adjust in case he/she is busy, or not currently in the shop
Ex: to book for 3pm, the current time must be no later than 2:15 same day.
- There is no limit on how far in advance you may book. Just be sure to remember that appointment you made for next year. 

Q. When is the last appointment of the day taken?
Answer: One hour before closing. 

 Q. When is the latest walk-in of the day taken?
Answer: Our Last Call for walk-ins is 15 minutes prior to closing. 
-6:45 during the week, 5:45 on weekends.

Q. If I booked at 4:00pm for example, when does my appointment status become priority?
Answer: at 3:50. Anytime prior to that is upon the barber's discretion. You may be serviced early, but only under the status of a walk-in.

Q. Are we done yet?
Answer: No.


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